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Les Surveillantes are:
Jérémie Gosselin : Banjo / Voice
Denis Vrignon-Tessier : Guitar / Voice
Eric Gosselin : Bass / Voice

Former member - Danielle Burke : Guitar / Voice

Les Surveillantes (LEH SÜR-VEY-ONT)
The past two years have been rather eventful for Les Surveillantes. After honing their craft in local venues, the band kicked up some dust in 2009, winning jury prizes and peoples choice awards at the Manitoba Song Gala and the Granby International Song Festival in Québec. After returning home to familiar soil, they continued to work on their harmony-rich songs about love, science, and life in the North in preparation for their upcoming album. “La racine carrée du coeur” (The Square Root of the Heart) is Les Surveillantes’ first full-length album and was a labour of love. In collaboration with veteran producer Norman Dugas and musicians Christian Dugas, Richard Moody and Daniel Roy, Les Surveillantes crafted a diverse tapestry of intelligent, heartfelt and groovy songs.

While completing the final tracks, the band never missed a beat on the music scene. Among other shows, the spring and summer months of 2010 saw them performing on the Main stages of the July 3rd Forks Concert for Human Rights and the CBC Culture Days festival. Album in hand, Les Surveillantes played to a full house for their CD release at the West End Cultural Centre. As Canada geese fly South, Les Surveillantes went East for a series of performances and showcases in New-Brunswick and Québec. After having performed for concert promoters of Atlantic Canada and Eastern Québec, and most importantly, the Coup de Coeur francophone Festival and M for Montreal (both showcases for international delegates), the band left a favourable impression on attendees. Bill Pearis (Brooklyn writes, “I also really, really liked Les Surveillantes, an incredibly charming, folk quartet from Saint-Boniface, Manitoba. Huddled around two microphones, and looking like French-Canadian Quakers, they sang about girls, apathy and science. […] all their songs were in French, their very funny between-song banter filled in the blanks for Anglo-monolingual folk in the audience. One of my favourite performances all week.” (Source:

List of shows, awards, grants, and showcases (abr.):
Notable performances
- Montréal Francofolies Festival, Montreal, Qc, 2011
- L'Européen, Paris, Fr, 2011
- Performance with Les Trois Accords, Brossard & Saint-Jérôme, Qc, 2011
- West End Cultural Centre (CD release concert), Winnipeg, 2010
- Le Lion d’Or, Festival Coup de Coeur francophone, Montreal, 2009 and 2010
- CBC Manitoba Culture Days Festival, Winnipeg, 2010
- L’Escogriffe, Montreal, 2010
- La Chasse-Galerie, Lavaltrie, Québec, 2010
- The Forks Concert for Human Rights (July 3rd televised performance), Winnipeg, 2010
- La Chicane albertaine, Alberta, 2010
- Vue sur la relève, Montreal, 2010
- Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011

- Laureate “SACEF/Place des Arts”, Contact Ouest, 2010
- Laureate “Public’s choice award”, Festival International de la Chanson de Granby, 2009
- Laureate “Prix André-Mercure”, Chant'Ouest, 2009
- Laureate “Prix Étoile Galaxie”, Chant'Ouest, 2009
- Laureate “Public’s choice award”, Chant'Ouest, 2009
- Laureate “Prix du jury”, Gala manitobain de la chanson, 2009
- Laureate “Public’s choice award”, Gala manitobain de la chanson, 2009

- Manitoba Arts Council, Music Production Grant for the release concert of The Square Root of the Heart, 2010
- Canada Council for the Arts, Specialized Music Recording Grant, 2010
- Musicaction, Music Recording Production Fund, 2010
- Manitoba Film and Music, Record Product Marketing Support Program, 2010
- Francofonds, Songwriting Grant, 2009 and 2010
- Manitoba Film and Music, Music Recording Production Fund, 2009

- M for Montreal, 2010
- RADARTS (The Atlantic Concert Promoters’ Network), Moncton, 2010
- ROSEQ (The Eastern Québec Concert Promoters’ Network), Rimouski, 2010
- Festival Coup de Coeur Francophone, Montreal, 2009 and 2010
- Contact Ouest, Winnipeg, 2010
- Festival international de la chanson de Granby, 2010